Pelican Properties has been proud to contribute to the community by providing administrative and/or financial support to the following initiatives:

print sale ad 2011Mendel’s Murals

A non-profit public arts group. We enable Saskatoon public art projects which might be difficult for individuals or institutions. We initially came together to save the Perehudoff murals commissioned by Fred Mendel for his Intercontinental Packing Plant offices, which were slated for demolition in 2008. The murals were completed in 1953 by William Perehudoff at a time before his work was well-known. Perehudoff is now one of Saskatoon’s most famous artists. The murals were painted onto the plaster walls of an¬†historic art gallery Fred Mendel had installed in the building. Mendel is one of Saskatoon’s most respected historical figures. Our success in that project motivated us to continue pursuing public art works meaningful to Saskatoon. We are not affiliated with the Mendel Art Gallery.

In November 2010 the restoration was successfully completed and the murals are now safely crated. The next step is to mount them in the new Remai Modern Art Gallery of Saskatchewan, when it is completed.



Highway SignMilden Food Project

A non-denominational growing project to help end third world hunger; supported by Canadian Foodgrains Bank and by farmers and businesses near Milden, Sask. ¬†Each year a crop was planted on 80 acres at the Denny farm located two miles North and three miles East of Milden, Saskatchwan. Materials and labour for the crop are provided by local farmers and businesses. All funds generated by the sale of that crop are donated to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFB) who allocate the money to a specific overseas project. The Canadian government typcially matches CFB donations 4:1, so $10,000 generated by a crop results in $50,000 to spend overseas. As of spring 2012 the project had generated $104,073 after the government match. CFB’s mission is to fight hunger. Sometimes their projects provide food to the malnourished. Often projects provide seed, tools, fertilizer, irrigation, or education to help farmers to feed their own communities.


3rd Avenue United Church. SaskatoonFriends of Third Avenue United

A group of Saskatoon citizens working to protect the future of the historic Third Avenue United Church and to support the Third Avenue Centre so that the building can be converted from a church to a premier downtown concert hall for Saskatoon.