Our bright and quiet suites are equipped with full kitchen and bath, dishwasher, and air conditioning. All apartments have large modern windows, and many have ornamental fireplaces. Heat and water are included with the rent. Electricity is separate and typically costs around $30. Smoking and pets are not permitted. There are laundry facilities on each floor ($1 per load) and a sundeck on the roof is available during the summer. The building is secured by intercom access and by video cameras monitored by our on-site manager and caretakers. New tenants are required to sign a six-month lease and provide a security deposit equal to one month’s rent, half of which is due on move-in day.

1. Where do tenants park?

Unfortunately, we have no parking spaces available. Tenants with cars often find it difficult to obtain satisfactory parking arrangements nearby unless their downtown employers provide parking. Those with cars often use street parking which is free 6 p.m.to 8a.m. and on Sundays.IMPark often offers monthly parking at the Galeria Theatre, two to three blocks away costing $100 per month or more. Heated underground parking is available the nearby Avenue Building, but prices may be as high as $200 per month. Parking spots have also been advertised by Progressive Properties in the old McKague’s Funeral Home lot on 20th and 3rd Avenue. Daily parking for $3/day is available about four blocks away around Ave B and 21st.

2. Is Internet access included?

The province of Saskatchewan provides free wireless internet services downtown through Saskatchewan Connected. Many of our tenants have used this service in the past from within their apartments and have been happy with it, however recently we have been told that it can be unreliable and slow. Most tenants who purchase Internet and TV services in our building use SaskTel or Shaw.

3. Is there much noise?

The building is constructed to minimize noise. The floors of each level are constructed with heavy 1913 concrete and the exterior walls are the original brick and cinderblock. Our double-paned windows also help keep outside sounds from entering. Our apartment ceilings were originally built with 13-foot ceilings, but they were dropped to 8-foot ceilings when the building was completely refurbished in the 1980s. This creates a five foot gap between the apartment ceiling and the floor above, which further dampens sound. Furthermore, there is a dead-space built between the walls of neighbouring apartments.

4. Where would I get groceries?

Most tenants buy the bulk of their grocery at the Extra Foods on Broadway, or the one on 7th Ave. Both are about one mile away. Basic items such as bread, milk, cereal, canned items, and limited fruit and vegetables are available a block away at Pharmasave on 2nd Ave and 23rd. The Farmers’ Market, open weekends and Wednesdays, is about four blocks away. Snack and imported foods are available at the Filipino grocery in the Drinkle Mall. There are also two groceries near 20th Street, about six blocks away, which specialize in Chinese groceries and which may have fresh produce.

5. Where would I do my laundry?

We have a washer and dryer on each of the four apartment floors. The machines are generally kept in good order and it is rare for one to be out of operation for more than a day or two. The cost is one dollar per load which is paid by inserting tokens in the coin slot. The tokens can be purchased at our management office in the mall which is typically open M-F during business hours. They can also be purchased at the Filipino Grocery in the mall, which is open 7 days a week.

6. What sizes are the apartments?

Most 1BR suites are about 520 square feet, with some slightly smaller and some slightly larger. The average and larger suites include a large walk-in closet. The 2BR suites are about 100 square feet larger than the 1BRs, and the bachelors are about 100 sq ft smaller. The bachelor suites have a separate bedroom but we do not classify them as 1BR because the living area is very small.

7. How much is rent?

Our rates vary with the apartment and are subject to rise occasionally, but as of spring 2015 our 1BR average rent was $875 per month. This includes heat and water, but electricity is extra (often about $30 to $35 per month)

8. Will my rent increase over time?

We never increase rent more than once per year and we provide six months notice of any increase.

9. How often do apartments become available?

On the average, each month we receive notice for one apartment vacating. The notice normally is given at the end of the month preceding the last month of occupancy. For example, we usually find out about apartments available for September 1 around July 30th or 31st. For this reason people waiting for an apartment are often advised to contact us around the end of the month to be among the first to view it. Periodically we recieve late notice and have a last minute opening. Our building has 50 one-bedroom suites, five bachelor suites, and five two-bedroom suites. For this reason most vacancies are for one-bedroom suites.

10 Are the pictures on the web of the actual apartment for rent?

Probably not, although our photos show features typical in our apartments.

11. How long is the initial lease, and what happens when it expires?

We require an initial lease of at least six months. At the end of the six-month period the lease will automatically roll into a month-to-month lease. It is also possible to request yearly leasing.

12. How accessible is the U of S campus?

The main bus terminal for the city is one block away from the building. The service to U of S is very frequent and does not require a transfer. The campus gates are one mile from our door by foot. All U of S students receive a U-Pass providing free use of the buses.

13. What is your smoking policy?

We do not allow smoking for any new tenants in the building, however there are a few tenants who have been with us several years and who continue to smoke in their apartments.

14. Do you accept pets?

Unfortunately we can not accept pets, although some of the existing tenants may have a cat.

15. Why is the building called Drinkle Number 3?

J.C. Drinkle was a city founder who built many of the city’s large boom-time buildings. Our building was the largest and the third, hence its name. For more information on the history visit our Vintage Photo Exhibit in the downstairs mall.

16. How do you book a time to view an apartment?

Please email us at pelicanproperties@sasktel.net with any questions or to book a viewing. Alternatively, we can be contacted at (306) 242-8322. Our management office is located in the same building so we can often show available suites on short notice. Unfortunately we rarely have empty suites, so we cannot show an apartment except at times when one is being advertised.

17. What are the steps to get an apartment?

Typcially when we receive notice of an upcoming opening we advertise it on www.kijiji.ca or other sites and subsequently show it for a period of a few days. We sometimes also call people who have contacted us and who have requested to be put on a call list. After you have seen the apartment, if you like it, you can fill in the Rental Application form. If your application is selected we will contact you and request that you provide a holding deposit equal to one half month of rent. This deposit guarantees that we will not rent the suite to another party, but this deposit is not refundable if you change your mind. On move-in day the deposit is applied to your security deposit.

Click here to download the Rental Application.

18. How much is the security deposit and will I get it back?

We require a security deposit equal to one month of rent to be held during the term of your tenancy. Half of that amount is due on the day you move in, and the remainder can be paid within sixty days. Within a week of your move-out you will receive your security deposit back, less any charges for cleaning, repairs, unpaid rent, late fees, etc. Carpets are always steam cleaned upon your departure for a fee of $70 (for one-bedroom suites) which is deducted from your security deposit. Our policy is to always be fair and prompt with the return of security deposits.

19. What do I need to do before moving day?

Before moving in you must call the City of Saskatoon Utilities Department at 306-975-2400 to request electricity turn-on, and to provide your billing information. You will provide them with your apartment number and address (115 3rd Ave. South, S7K 1L7) and move-in date, and they will turn on the electricity as of that date.

20. How will I move my belongings into my apartment?

Most tenants either park their moving truck in a metered parking spot directly in front of our main entry door, or use the free loading zone in front of Spicy Bite. This may require waiting and monitoring the spots until a good one becomes available. Alternatively, it is generally possible to park in the North Alley, tightly against our building so that alley traffic can pass. Alternatively, you can pay the City Parking Department (975-2400) to have a bag placed over a parking meter for an entire day. Our elevator can be used for moving belongings to your floor. It is quite large and usually fits most furniture. During weekdays we can usually provide you with a hand truck, dolly, or a flat cart at our office to help move your items.

For more information please contact us or refer to Drinkle Building Rules and Guidelines